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About Counselling

Counselling provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and supportive space where we can collaboratively explore difficult feelings and deepen our understanding of ourselves and our patterns of behaviour.  

Understanding our past and how it has shaped us allows us to recognise when our familiar ways of being may not be in our best interests. Depression, anxiety, stress, concerns about compulsive behaviours, a lack of deep connection with others, or simply a general sense that life is not being lived to its full potential, represent just some of the feelings that can lead us to try counselling.   

Our offices are based in Chauntry Mill off Haverhill High Street. There is disabled access and parking close by. 

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Catherine Keeble


Hi, I'm Catherine and I am qualified to work with children of 11 years and up, adolescents and adults. I work with a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, anger, self-harm, self-esteem and confidence problems. I offer empathic, non-judgemental and ethical support within a relationship that is warm, collaborative and genuine. I have a special interest in Trauma.

My fees are £50 per session. Please email me on the link below if you would like to arrange an appointment. 

Maria Currie


Hi, I’m Maria and I offer a warm, accepting and collaborative approach to my counselling work with adults - providing sessions in-person, online or by phone for as long as is needed.


My approach draws on Humanistic theories and holds the counselling relationship at its heart. Humanistic ideas focus on you as a unique individual, respecting your experiences of the world and acknowledging the resources within you. Each of us holds the potential to shape our lives.


Together, we can explore what troubles you and understand the impact on your life. We can focus on what is important to you with the aim of providing new insights and choices for a more settled and fulfilled way ahead.


I am interested in utilising the wisdom of our bodies within the counselling process. Tensions and traumas held inside us give an important guide to our emotional world. I understand the benefits gained from the use of mindfulness and breathing techniques in supporting our resilience and offer this where appropriate.


I have been a counsellor for 12 years and align with the ethical standards of  BACP.  My experience includes working with abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, self-worth, stress and work-related issues.  I have experience of working alongside those who have suffered domestic abuse.


My fees are £50 per session - I also offer some lower fee spaces. Please make contact if you feel comfortable with what you have read.

Debs Barritt


Hi, I'm Debs and I have worked since 2013 with adults in a one-to-one setting helping them through difficult times in their life.

I am qualified and accredited in counselling and can draw on a wealth of experience, while recognising that everyone has different needs.   

I am specialised in bereavement counselling and have worked with adults of all ages.  Whilst I cannot take away your loss, I am able to sit with you, in your anguish and help you find a way to move forward. In time, you will be able to think about your loved ones and share the happy memories you have without the accompanying searing, unbearable pain that losing someone you love can often bring.

I work with many different issues, impacting upon mental health, including anxiety, stress and depression.

​I am trained in person-centred and integrative counselling. This means that, in addition to working with your issues and what you bring into the room, I am also able to offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a ‘systems’ approach.


My fees are £60 per session (50 minutes). I usually work face-to-face but I can also work online (on Zoom). Please contact me on the link below if you would like to arrange an initial assessment (up to 50 minutes, cost £30).

Lauren Speller


Hi, I am Lauren and I have been working with children, young people and adults since qualifying as a Counsellor in 2016. Life can throw such challenges at us and it can be hard to overcome these at times. Together we can make sense of the things we discuss and build greater self-awareness. You might find yourself feeling down but not knowing why or sometimes it can be hard to verbalise how we are feeling so I find working creatively can often help to show us these emotions. However, I am always led by my clients and provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment to allow your feelings to surface in a way that feels comfortable for you. I offer a non-judgemental space where you can be yourself and together we can draw on the different counselling tools to help you learn how to deal with the challenging times in a more positive way and take back control of life. 


I work with many areas of counselling, some of which include, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, cancer, low self-confidence/ esteem. 


My fees are £50 per session and I am able to offer both face to face and online sessions. I am also able to visit local schools. 


Contact Us


Chauntry Mill, 
High Street,
Haverhill CB9 8AZ


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